What Is A Seat Agreement

The Netherlands and the EMA are pleased to have concluded negotiations on this agreement earlier than planned. Belgium has no international responsibility for the Agency`s activities on its territory with respect to the acts or omissions of the Agency or its agents and other agents acting or not acting in the performance of their duties. Eager to enter into an agreement establishing the privileges and immunities necessary for the Agency and the successful execution of the mission of its staff; The content of the siege agreement is similar to that which applies to other EU agencies established in the Netherlands, such as Eurojust, Europol and the Galileo Reference Centre. Since this transition must be supported by EMA staff in the Netherlands, the timely signing of the agreement would allow EMA staff and their families to be informed of their treatment and to settle in the Netherlands. This is especially important for employees who want to move before the start of the next school year. 5. In the event of a disagreement over the election of the third arbitrator, the third arbitrator is appointed by the President of the International Court of Justice at the request of the parties. 2. Belgium undertakes to grant the Agency all necessary authorisations to free up the necessary means for the establishment, operation or closure of the Office, in accordance with the terms of the national rules and international conventions in force.

In order to enable the EMA to prepare for a smooth transition in the work of its scientific and delegate committees, the Dutch Government and the EMA hope that the agreement can be signed as soon as possible. (a) the exemption from all taxes on wages, emoluments and allowances paid to them by „X“ from the date on which their income is taxed in favour of `X`, created by the Member States of `X` and recognised by Belgium by this internal tax system; Belgium reserves the right to take into account the aforementioned salaries, salaries and allowances for calculating the amount of tax to be collected on taxable income from other sources; b) the bodies that are granted to officials of international organizations with respect to exchange or exchange rate rules. When the Agency makes significant purchases of personal property or buildings or provides essential services strictly necessary for the exercise of its official activity and the price of indirect tax or VAT is included, appropriate measures are taken, where possible, to cancel or refund the amount of these taxes. At the request of „X“ to establish a liaison office in Belgium, as „Office“; „X“ contract) (a) to the extent that the Agency expressly waived that immunity in a particular case; (b) in respect of a third-party civil action involving persons or goods, as this civil action is not directly related to the official activities of the Agency; (c) a third-party civil action in respect of damage caused by a motor vehicle owned or operated on behalf of the Agency, or a traffic offence involving such a vehicle; (d) the posting [by final decision of a court] of treatment and emoluments due by „X“ to an agent; (e) with respect to any counter-claims directly related to the Agency`s legal proceedings; (f) with respect to the enforcement of an arbitral award under Article xx of the Agreement on the Privileges and Cons of „X“/Article 31 of this agreement.