Tuition Waiver Agreement

2. Inform staff of the provisions and procedures for renouncing the study. B. A MAC or OPSEU staff member with more than four months of uninterrupted service is authorized to take a non-teaching course or a remission course during the first 12-month period of the completed service. After 12 months of continuous service, he is entitled to take two courses per year of study. A temporary or part-time 233eur with more than 12 months of uninterrupted seniority is entitled to 2 half courses per calendar year at the university. If I have not received a qualified job offer within 12 months of the end of the program and have met all job search requirements, I am eligible for the waiver of all unpaid MSD education. This exception applies only to education costs and not to accommodation, food or staff expenses. To obtain the waiver, I agree to write to the university, no later than 13 months after my last day of class, an application to drop out of school by e-mail to with my full name and contact information (address, phone number, email address); and certifies that I: Yes, all experiences in care, in a youth contract or in the custody of family members can be combined to meet the eligibility requirements. The university will rehabilitate applications for deferral and waiver and will be able to obtain more information and verification from me regarding my application, which I will have to provide within 5 working days of the university`s request for information. If the university finds that I am entitled to a postponement or waiver under the terms of this agreement, the abandonment or postponement of studies is processed within 30 days of this provision. If you think your care time may have been miscalculated, you can contact the Navigator system with the Ministry of Continuing Education, Qualifications and training in a. Review applications for teacher waivers and ensure that the corresponding documents and authorizations have been provided.

3. A salaried worker or his or her spouse or dependent spouse is required to provide proof of the success of a course. If an employee or spouse and/or spouse and/or a dependent worker has not completed a course in which he is enrolled in (2) successive cases, the provisions relating to the waiver of tuition fees are suspended. c. Approve or reject applications to drop out of school on the basis of eligibility and policy provisions. 6. How long is the time to send the study exemption removal form? c. Any additional costs that are not covered by the waiver of the study.

For example, the costs of a course or program, such as Z.B. Ancillary costs, late fees, default costs, books, materials and equipment are not covered by drop-out or reduced education.